We supply passively safe posts to the UK, European and Worldwide market.

It has been estimated that vehicle collisions with rigid roadside features such as sign posts cause over 15% of all road fatalities.

These objects cannot always be removed and this is where the fully-tested and passively safe Frangible Safety Post System can help save lives: it gives way when struck. The Frangible Safety Post has a unique patent protected design which combines the strength to support large signs in strong winds with the ability to shatter, collapsing in a predictable and safe manner, if struck by an errant vehicle. This passively safe sign post complies with BS EN 12767 and BS EN 12899-1.

The Frangible Safety Post:

  • FSP has a range of four sizes immediately available – 219mm, 168mm and 140mm and the newly introduced 114mm
  • The 114mm and 140mm Post achieve EN12767:2019 rating: 50,70,100:NE:B:S:SE:MD:0
  • The 168mm and 219mm Posts achieve EN12767:2019 rating: 50,70,100:NE:C:S:SE:MD:0
  • The 114mm and 140mm Post have an NE:B:S:SE:MD:0 classification at 100kph when two posts are struck at 750mm spacing - no other post has achieved that rating
  • The 114mm, 140mm and 168mm have a minimum mounting height of 1500mm
  • Our posts are extremely light and weigh only 3.2kg (114mm), 4.2kg (140mm), 6.5kg (168mm) and 10.3kg (219mm) per meter making manual handling and installation easier
  • Uses standard foundation techniques and standard clips and fixings
  • Matches in with existing steel posts to maintain the road side look and feel
  • Supplied in lengths from 3.5m to 9m plus and can easily be cut on site with standard tools
  • Available in a range of colour options and finishes
  • Highways Agency approved
  • Low embedded energy and can be recycled